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Gemini Autopilot Dual Redundancy


REF: Gemini Dual Categoria


Support multirotor aircraft +4,x4 rotor
Octo-Rotor +8, x8, V8rotor
Support ESC 400Hz Drive PWM Frequency
Recommend Radio transmitter PCS or 2.4Ghz,at least 6 channels and support all the channels fall safe
Working Voltage 3S-6S
Support receiver Regular receiver
Power <2.5W
Operating Temperature -5°C to +60°C
Features Auto takeoff and landing,Live flight data displaying
Auto nevigation,Skyway flight,Mobile phone control
3type control model,Build-in IMU,2-axis gimbal stabilization
LED Low Voltage Protection,fly to point
course locked,Carefree

Hardware specifications

Weight Master control:119gram GPS:37gram WIFI: 39gram
Dimension Master control
:74×41mm x 25mm
GPS: 55mm (Diameter) x 11mm
LED:17mm x 17mm x 5.5mm
Wifi: 65mm x 40mm x 14.4mm

flight performance

Hovering(GPS model) vertical: ± 1m horizontal: ± 2m
Maximum flight speed 10.2M/S
Maximum tilted angle 35°
Maximum climbing/descending spead ±6m/s


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